SICB 2012 Meeting, Charleston, SC, January 3-7, 2012

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Session Listing

Session Other Events Friday

Day: Friday, Jan. 6,

The schedule for this session is not yet final and presentation times and order might change.

  Friday, Jan. 6  Other Events Friday     Finance Committee-Presidential Suite 
  Friday, Jan. 6  Other Events Friday10:30    AMS Business Meeting- 10:30-11:45 am-Room 5 
  Friday, Jan. 6  Other Events Friday12:00    Public Affairs Committee Noon-1:00pm–Wando (ES)  
  Friday, Jan. 6  Other Events Friday12:00    SICB Editorial Board Noon-1pm–Room 4  
  Friday, Jan. 6  Other Events Friday12:00    Development Committee Noon–1pm–Exec Bd Room (ES) 
  Friday, Jan. 6  Other Events Friday12:00    Broadening Participation “NSF: Demystifying the Grant Application Process” Noon-1:00pm – Ballroom B 
  Friday, Jan. 6  Other Events Friday12:00    AMS Luncheon Noon-1:00pm-Room 5+Foyer  
  Friday, Jan. 6  Other Events Friday12:00    Xcitex User’s Group Meeting Noon-1pm-Room 14 
  Friday, Jan. 6  Other Events Friday17:15    SICB Society Business Meeting & Awards Presentation 5:15-6:15pm–Ballroom C1 
  Friday, Jan. 6  Other Events Friday18:30    Student/Post Doc Workshop: “Maximizing Your Potential through Job Applications and Interviews” 6:30-8:00pm–Ballroom  
  Friday, Jan. 6  Other Events Friday18:30    TCS Mtg 6:30-7:30pm–Room 1 
  Friday, Jan. 6  Other Events Friday18:30    Interface of Math and Biology 6:30-9:30pm–Room 6/7 
  Friday, Jan. 6  Other Events Friday18:30    DIZ/DEE/DPCB/AMS/TCS Social 6:30–8:30pm–Rooms 4-5+Foyer 
  Friday, Jan. 6  Other Events Friday20:00    Using Stable Isotope Techniques to Investigate the Ecology and Physiology of Marine Vertebrates (M. Pilgrim/ Lillywhite) 8-10pm – Room 12 
  Friday, Jan. 6  Other Events Friday20:00    Broadening Participation Social 8:00- 10:00pm–Room  

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