Officer Listing of All Divisions

Division of Animal Behavior

Chair 01/2016-01/2019  Jennifer Gumm
Secretary 01/2015-01-2018  Michele Johnson
Program Officer 01/2011-01/2017  Allison Welch
Student/Postdoc Rep 01/2015-01/2018  Helen Chmura

Division of Comparative Biomechanics

Chair 01/2015-01/2017  Melina Hale
Chair Elect 01/2015-01/2017  Sheila Patek
Past Chair 01/2015-01/2017  Mark Denny
Secretary 01/2016-01/2018  Andrea Ward
Program Officer 01/2016-01/2018  Jake Socha
Student/Postdoc Rep. 01/2016-01/2019  Sandy Kawano

Division of Comparative Endocrinology

Chair 01/2016-01/2018  L. Michael Romero
Chair-Elect 01/2016-01/2018  C. Buck
Secretary 01/2015-01/2017  Sarah Woodley
Secretary-Elect 01/2016-01/2017  Sharon Lynn
Program Officer 01/2016-01/2018  Ignacio Moore
Student/Postdoc Rep. 01/2015-01/2018  Christine Lattin

Division of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry

Chair 01/2016-01/2018  Inna Sokolova
Past Chair 01/2016-01/2018  Stephen Secor
Secretary 01/2016-01/2018  Robin Warne
Program Officer 01/2015-01/2017  Jason Podrabsky
Student/Postdoc Rep. 09/2015-01/2018  Catherine Dayger

Division of Ecoimmunology and Disease Ecology

Chair 01/2016-01/2018  Carol Fassbinder-Orth
Secretary 06/2014-01/2017  Travis Wilcoxen
Program Officer 06/2014-01/2017  Sarah DuRant
Student/Postdoc Rep. 09/2015-01/2018  Daniel Becker
Program Officer-Elect 06/2016-01/2017  Gregory Demas
Secretary-Elect 06/2016-01/2017  James Adelman

Division of Ecology and Evolution

Chair 05/2015-01/2017  Michael Sears
Chair-Elect 01/2015-01/2017  Robert Cox
Past Chair 05/2015-01/2017  Michael Angilletta
Secretary 01/2015-01/2017  Michael Dillon
Program Officer 01/2016-01/2018  Christopher Tracy
Student/Postdoc Rep. 01/2014-01/2017  Eric Riddell

Division of Evolutionary Developmental Biology

Chair 01/2016-01/2018  Cassandra Extavour
Past Chair 01/2016-01/2018  Sally Leys
Secretary 01/2015-01/2017  Gregory Davis
Secretary-Elect 01/2016-01/2017  Julia Bowsher
Program Officer 01/2016-01/2019  Yuichiro Suzuki
Student/Postdoc Rep. 01/2014-01/2017  Amanda Kahn

Division of Invertebrate Zoology

Chair 06/2015-01/2018  John Zardus
Secretary 01/2016-01/2019  Sarah Berke
Program Officer 01/2014-01/2017  Bruno Pernet
Student/Postdoc Rep. 01/2014-01/2017  Jenna Moore
Libbie Hyman Memorial Scholarship Committee Chair   Jennifer Burnaford

Division of Neurobiology

Chair 01/2015-01/2018  Paul Moore
Secretary 01/2016-01/2019  Lisa Mangiamele
Program Officer 01/2014-01/2017  Charles Derby
Student/Postdoc Rep. 01/2016-01/2019  Alexandra Kingston

Division of Phylogenetic and Comparative Biology (formerly: DSEB)

Chair 01/2016-01/2018  Kerin Claeson
Program Officer 01/2015-01/2018  Todd Oakley
Secretary 01/2016-01/2019  David Blackburn
Student PD Affairs Rep 01/2015-01/2018  Ryan Felice

Division of Vertebrate Morphology

Chair 01/2015-01/2017  Callum Ross
Chair Elect 01/2015-01/2017  John Hutchinson
Secretary 01/2016-01/2018  Andrew Clark
Program Officer 01/2015-01/2017  Manny Azizi
Program Officer-Elect 01/2016-01/2017  Brooke Flammang
Student/Postdoc Representative 01/2014-01/2017  Morgan Burnette