Friday Harbor Laboratories: Science Communication - On the Shores of Science: Theory and Practice of Science Communication (posted 2016-11-29)

July 17 - August 18, 2017

This course is directed to postbaccalaureates, graduate students, and young (and young in spirit) scientists and professionals from diverse backgrounds interested in working at the interphase between scientific research and the rest of society. The course will provide a hands-on experience on science communication by immersion in one of the most important marine laboratories of the United States. We will explore diverse relevant topics, such as the social context of science in the 21st century, principles of communication and of science communication, written journalism, data visualization, scientific illustration, info graphics, photography, museum studies, web and radio. Students will learn how to translate effectively scientific research to different lay audiences by exploring an array of topics on which Friday Harbor Laboratories is leader: from climate change, to ecological monitoring, ocean acidification, GFP, orca whale research, evolution, cell dynamics, evo-devo, biomechanics and more.